• Eliminates exposure to pool chemicals like chlorine, salt, stabilizer and algaecides
  • You no longer have to handle noxious chemicals
  • Now you won’t have to take a bath just to wash of the pool chemicals
  • Annual operating cost less than $50.00
  • Eliminates and prevents further chemical deposits and scaling
  • Dramatic reduction in wear and tear on pool equipment and surfaces
  • Residual pool chemicals are routinely discharged into the atmosphere and onto the ground
  • Pool water treated with the Pureion Wave™ is safe for landscape
  • Your clear, clean, BLUE pool water is also GREEN in a good way


Chlorine Tabs $350
Muriatic Acid $100
Algaecide $150
Misc. Maintenance $150
Drain Pool – Restart $400


Chlorine Tabs $175
Muriatic Acid $200
Algaecide $250
Misc. Maintenance $300
Drain Pool – Restart $600

Chemical Free Swimming Pool Management

The Pureion Wave™ technology ensures that your pool is full of clean, clear, chemical-free water.  And, the Wave is easy to set up and manage.


Pureion’s™ patent-pending technology produces and dispenses pH-balancing ions into the existing filtration system to regulate pH, control algae and manage alkalinity. Pureion Wave™uses a proprietary low-voltage electrolytic process to produce the ions from 30 percent Muriatic acid (market name for hydrochloric acid).  The ions form a mist in the top of the iVortex2 Ion Generator and introduced into the pools filtration system.

The Pureion™ Wave introduces a constant stream of pH 7.0 oxidizing ions into the pool’s filtration system that balance pH and control total alkalinity.   The Pureion Wave™ eliminates the need for chlorine, shock or algaecides.  The Pureion Wave™ ions are introduced into the water before it returns to the pool so much of the management takes place within the filter where there is trapped organic matter.  The result is a clear, clean, chemical-free pool.

The residual ions remain for up to 60 hours as detected by the DPD or OTO method.  The oxidizing ions produced by the Pureion Wave™ System are between 1.5 – 2.0 times more effective than the free chlorine ions as determined by the DPD or OTO method.  The use of use of stabilizer (cyanuric acid) further reduces the effectiveness of free chlorine by as much as 50 percent.  Pureion’s™ technology does not require the use of stabilizer.  This factor, combined with precise pH management, accounts for the differential in effectiveness among the various treatment regimens detectable by the DPD method.

The set-up of the Pureion™ System does not require modification of existing filtration facilities or any alteration to plumbing and piping or changes in flow characteristics. Pureion’s iVortex2™ operates on low DC voltage (5v) supplied from an exposure-resistant 110/220v power transformer.


Because of its features…

  • iVortex2™ 1.0 Ion Technology™ –  produces pH balancing, algae controlling ions that are streamed into your exiting pool filtration system
  • Each Pureion Wave™ System has the working capacity of one (1) gallon (US) of 29 – 32 percent Muriatic acid which allows for an estimated 130 hours between servicing
  • The Wave™ is designed for easy set-up and operation on 110/120v household-power
  • The vShock™ feature of the Pureion Wave™ can rid the pool of the unwanted green algae in as little as eight hours
  • Factory calibrated flow control and enhanced ion production mean the only adjustment required is running time
  • With change of season or weather events, increased or decreased bather-load and homeowner sanitizer level preference, all the homeowner has to do is to use a simple procedure to determine their preferred operating range(s)







``Two of my kids are extremely allergic to chlorine and have never been swimming in our own pool, until now! Thanks to the Pureion Wave I have four happy little swimmers and clear, clean, fresh water in the pool. You have to get this system for your pool if you care about the health of your family!``

Rebecca T, Scottsdale, Arizona

``The water is phenomenal and the system maintains itself. I cant imagine using anything else for the health and safety of my family.``

Rick R. of Scottsdale, AZ

``Genius, just genius. You have to own one to believe it. Water so pure there’s no calcium deposit or mineral build-up. The pool cleans itself and my energy bill was cut in half. Safest pool water for my family and grand-kids!``

Herman F. of Scottsdale, AZ

Pureion’s founder, RJ Wagner, was troubled by the practices of the swimming pool industry. The cycle of using noxious chemicals to manage swimming pool water is backwards. The use of one chemical compound triggers the need for others.   Caustic compounds damage pool equipment, surfaces and irritate swimmers.

The focus of most treatment programs is sanitation.  Yet the practice of dumping loads of chlorine and stabilizer into the pool destroys the water chemistry and knocks the pH out of balance.  The very practice of using these methods makes it more difficult to sanitize the water.

RJ knew that maintaining pH within the optimal range was the key to managing swimming pool water.  Nearly 20 years ago (and after studying chemistry at the university level) RJ made the first generation of what was to become the Pureion Wave™.  Over the ensuing years, RJ refined the technology into a simple and elegant process that streams pH balancing ions into the pool filtration system that maintains pH balance, controls algae, microorganisms, alkalinity and total hardness.

Pureion’s CEO Rob Richards was introduced to RJ a few years back by a mutual acquaintance who thought Pureion was ready to launch.  Rob’s varied background in the chemical industry, government; telecommunications, business management and sales & marketing supports development and production of Pureion’s Wave™ technologies.






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