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What is the Pureion Wave™?

The Pureion Wave™ is a freshwater swimming pool and spa water chemistry management system that sanitizes water, balances pH and completely eliminates the need for chlorine, stabilizer (cyanuric acid), salt, algaecide, and virtually all other standard pool chemicals. The Wave System does not use metals such as copper, which causes discoloration to surfaces, to produce the sanitizing ion. The Wave™ uses technology not chemicals to manage the water. Imagine clear, clean chemical free water in your swimming pool all from the simple to set-up and operate Wave™.

How Does the Pureion Wave™ Compare?

The Pureion Wave™ Benefits


  • Eliminate swimmer's exposure to pool chemicals like chlorine, salt, stabilizer and algaecides.
  • You no longer have to handle poisonous chemicals.
  • Now you won't have to take a bath just to clean off the pool film.


  • Annual operating cost less than $50.00.
  • Eliminates and prevents further chemical deposits and scaling.
  • Dramatic reduction in wear & tear on pool equipment and surfaces.


  • Residual pool chemicals are routinely discharged into the atmosphere and onto the ground.
  • Not so with the Pureion Wave™. Pool water treated with the Wave is safe for landscape & the land.
  • BTW - Your clear, clean, BLUE water is also GREEN

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